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Summer Horn Camp

We love working with our Summer Horn Camp students, and this can be a wonderful opportunity for students to keep up with their horn playing over the break!  The five day camp allows us to dive into more specific details in regards to individual technique, plus large and small ensemble skills.  Last year we had 50+ students participate in our mass horn choir rendition of Jurrassic Park!  A typical camp day includes:  a faculty quintet performance, group warm-ups and fundamentals, a chamber group workshop, mass horn choir rehearsals, and fun horn-themed games!

Horn Day

This is a two hour event that we offer throughout the Spring semester at various school districts, as a way to celebrate the horn and inspire students via group collaboration opportunities amongst all grade levels (middle school- high school). A typical Horn Day event includes: a faculty quintet performance, a group warm-up and fundamentals session, a mass horn choir rehearsal and performance (last year's piece was Star Wars!), and a masterclass with selected student performers.  If you are a band director and would like to schedule a Horn Day for your students, please contact us at

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